Copy of Corporate Gifting

Hello Fellow Coffee Lover & Business Owner!
Do you give gifts to corporate clients or customers? If you’re looking for something unique that is sure to make an impact, why not give the gift of Coffee Bliss! It is our extreme pleasure to introduce you to Blended Joe, a domestic manufacturer of specialty coffee, custom coffee blends, and coffee themed gift items!

What makes us special?
For starters, we source ONLY the top percentage of Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee beans, which delivers a superior taste and a smooth finish cup after cup. We roast and grind all of our coffee ourselves to ensure consistency and quality and we’re located right here in the US.

But what really sets us apart is our mission to promote social equality and compassion by helping others and by setting the example for others to follow. The Blended Joe brand champions the differences in lifestyles and cultures and by working together we can help the world blend together as one.

We’re working to make a difference in more ways than one!


Community Blending Events:
Blended Joe sponsors and hosts local and regional Pop Up events featuring local artisans, crafters, food and beverage purveyors, and select cultural demonstrations. Designed to delight and educate, these events help all of us come to understand each other in new and exciting ways while providing an excellent opportunity to try something new and build lasting memories with friends and family.

Charitable Sponsorships:
Every year Blended Joe sponsors a different charity by crafting a specially labeled, limited-edition, coffee blend and donating a considerable portion of the proceeds to that sponsored charity. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible for the charity and help raise awareness for their cause.

You can help by giving the gift of Blended Joe!
Blended Joe makes a great corporate gift for customers and associates. Give them something they’ll not only enjoy, but something that has a great social mission behind it as well. When you give the gift of Blended Joe, you’ll be making a statement about the integrity and core values of your business.

To get started fill out the form below and a representative will be in touch shortly. Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us and hope to speak to you soon!