Blended Joe

Blended Joe’s mission is simple; Be the example for others to follow. To promote social equality, good will, and compassion by using our coffee to help others. Coffee is the engine of change that blends the world together as one.

Every coffee bean is different and to craft the perfect cup of Joe every bean lends its unique characteristics and flavor to the whole. We as a people are no different in that our diversity is our strength, and we believe that together we can accomplish anything.

It takes more than desire and passion... It takes the help of people like you!

Blended Joe, with the support of our customers and Blend Ambassadors, is putting our resources and our coffee to the task. Through our Fundraising and Blend Ambassador programs, we’re providing opportunities for organizations, charities, and even individuals to raise money and to help others.

Our coffee is not only out of this world good, but it has mass market appeal and we provide great program rewards with an average retention on sales well above 30%! That’s a good amount of money you get to devote towards your goal! We’ll also support your efforts by providing you with materials and information about our brand, our coffee, and our ongoing efforts in the community to distribute and proudly display. We’ll even feature you on all of our social media channels with local or regional targeting designed to help improve awareness about your particular mission or cause.

Whether you’re a charity, church organization, local Scout Troop, or a little league team in need of new equipment, Blended Joe can help your next fundraising effort become a huge success!

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